A recipe for the perfect marketing team

perfect marketing team

Add 2 social media specialists, an event manager and a SEO specialist to the open space. Shake once a week and mix with the PR manager. Season with indigestible business goals. It’s a simple recipe for a perfect… not working marketing and PR team 🙂 Are you looking for a simple, universal recipe for the marketing team to shoot up in positive effects and the brand to live like a fat rat in a cheese factory? There’s no such thing! Today, however, I will propose 3 rules that will help you find your own recipe for a perfect marketing team (for your company, brand).


Principle 1: Joint management

A clear goal, strategy and action plan, as well as their understanding by the marketing team, is an absolute base without which the marketing department does not operate efficiently. What makes the marketing team more involved, motivated and effective, however, is regular, joint work on particular areas of the marketing strategy. 

How do I do that?

Regularly, once a month / quarter / half a year / year (the frequency matches the needs of your team) invite the team to a joint team retreat. At the workshop, summarize the past period of time together (quantitatively and qualitatively), draw conclusions and (if necessary) update the marketing strategy. Think about what works and what doesn’t, what are the current marketing trends, summarize how the competition works. Then set goals for the next period of time and transfer them to specific actions at the team and individual level.

perfect marketing team

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    Analyze with the team not only marketing indicators but also business indicators, e.g. data on the number of customers, customer value, etc.


    Principle 2: Prepare the broth

    Chicken broth is a great base for preparing sauces and soups. It was on this basis that our grandmothers and moms cooked the best tomato and cucumber soups. And no, a stock cube is not the same thing xD. This is also the case with marketing activities. In order for specialists in particular areas to be able to efficiently implement activities in specific marketing channels, it is necessary to create a good base on which they will be able to rely. Such a base is definitely a strategy, but not only a strategy. These are also specific processes, basic materials (e.g. photos, descriptions, key visual) or work standards.

    How do I do that?

    Together with your team, develop a list of base materials that you need for your daily work, and that improve the work of your team members. Then, step by step, start measuring and optimizing the internal processes of the team (e.g. material preparation, publication, distribution). The next step will be to create simple tools tailored to the team, which will improve its work such as checklists, templates, canvases. Last but not least, consistently apply the developed tools, and continuously optimise and update them.


    Rule 3: Flavour composition

    It is usually evident from the marketing strategy what hard competences we need in a team in order to be able to implement the strategy. They are important, but the key factor in the functioning of the team is its optimal composition on several levels.

    It is important for the team to be balanced as far as personality types are concerned (the dominance of some types may cause the team to be ineffective). In addition, it is important that the team includes a representation of all team roles according to Belbin, and also to maintain a balance between Dreamers, Realists and Critics at the level of not only the whole team, but also functional or operational teams.

    How do I do that?

    Analyze your team by personality type (I recommend Discovery Insights, DISC). Look at this analysis from a distance and consider if all the people are in their optimal roles, if all of them are using their natural potential. If there is a disproportion in the team, think about how it affects the team and whether there is a need to balance the missing personality types.

    perfect marketing team

    From this DISC analysis it can be seen very strongly that the team lacks the role of a red (extroverted, results-oriented) locomotive, a coordinator, and therefore may have difficulties in completing the projects.

    Ask the team to take a Belbin test and see which team roles each person naturally takes on. Consider whether all the roles in the team are represented and if so, who compensates for the missing roles, how and at what cost. Think about whether and how this can be changed.

    Analyze your team in terms of Walt Disney’s method (Dreamer, Realist and Critic) and consider how to combine teams, e.g. operational teams, so that these roles are used in them.


    Add a dash of salt… 

    Building and managing a marketing team is not an easy task. These are often very diverse, cross-functional teams, in which there may be an over-representation of people of a leadership character. A good composition of a marketing team, building a base for its operation, and then the involvement of its members in joint creation of plans and actions, is a challenge for a leader. 

    Each good recipe consists of a list of ingredients, preparing a database and tools to work, as well as a step-by-step action plan. It is no different in the case of composing a marketing team. Without these key steps, even the best strategy will not deliver the expected results.

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