Company on TikTok – what do you need to know?

rozpoznawalność marki na tik toku

The fact that we are becoming aware of the TikTok phenomenon also in Poland is very satisfying. For many marketers, it finally ceases to be an “empty shell”, pumped up by 12-year-olds from the USA. Correct, because in fact it never was. This is a brand new, public social medium.

A lot has been said about TikTok in Poland recently, which also means that many questions are asked. Some of them are not easy to answer. For example, whether you should also be on TikTok. My answer to this question was simple only 2 months ago:

“Available in over 150 countries with over a billion users. If your audience is between 13 and 30 years old, you should already be on TikTok”.

Today, however, I would edit it slightly, because the pandemic has visibly influenced the evolution of this medium. The average age of the user has increased significantly because, as 20-year-olds make jokes on this medium: “during the quarantine, older people bumped into the TikTok,” as I write further below.

TikTok vs. your company

We come to TikTok in private, just as we come to Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. We focus on content consumption, entertainment, but also on interesting, practical advice, real stories and the emotions that follow. Sooner or later, however, we come across a sponsored advertisement, some brand collaboration with influencers or just someone else’s good profile concerning his profession: make-up, photography or veterinary. Then we pass a lawyer, developer or fitness instructor. And we start wondering whether our organization or company, whose marketing activities I manage, should be on TikTok?

Why should you introduce TikTok to your company?

The first quarter of 2020 resulted in 315 million downloads for TikTok. That’s the highest score ever achieved by any application. Thus, TikTok has outrun 2 billion downloads. TikTok won the pot. It generated an increase of 500 million downloads within 5 months.

rozpoznawalność marki na tik toku

Age group

The COVID-19 pandemic has lured us to phones more than ever. The number of downloads, regular users and the involvement level have increased on TikTok. The revenue of the company has also been increased.

As there is no access to “pandemic” data by age yet, I will use the December 2019 study. These statistics concern non-Asian countries where TikTok developed most at the time (USA, Brazil, Germany). At the end of the year, 61.6% of TikTok users were over 20 years old. The group of children and teens referred to as the main users (10-19 years old) represented 38.4% of all users at that time.

rozpoznawalność marki na tik toku
Data coming from the website: AppApeLab, TikTok age group without Asia (USA, German, Brasil)

Importantly, the number of adult users coming to TikTok doubles from year to year in most places around the world.

The astonishing TikTok reach 

Considering that we are dealing with about 2.5 million users in Poland, it is very likely that TikTok has a huge number of potential customers for your business or the businesses you support. Let’s say a few more words about the reach. It is quite difficult to quantify the involvement of users on TikTok. However, I will start with an interesting example, which usually illustrates the scale in the difference in TikTok reach compared to other social media.

Jennifer Lopez has already posted the same video on Twitter and TikTok some time ago. On Twitter she has 45 million followers, on TikTok only 5 million. What reach did both of these media get? The video on Twitter had 2 million views (out of 45 million viewers!). The same video on TikTok had 71 million views (out of 5 million viewers, sic!).

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    Viral video by Jennifer Lopez, 145M views

    Let’s prove it: my first video on TikTok, recorded as a joke together with my friends (then 0 followers) had 450 views within 2 hours. A video of a fellow business owner who I had the opportunity to consult on the TikTok subject: his first video – 800 organic views.

    Convinced now? Let’s move on to how to use TikTok for your organization.

    How could your company benefit from TikTok?

    There are many possibilities. In this article you can find 4 possible ways to use TikTok in your company, which you will most often face as a TikTok user. Under each section in Tips & Tricks you will learn how to do it. But the most important thing in each of these cases is not to hesitate to experiment.

    Personal branding of your team

    Probably the most common form of brand building through TikTok is building a personal brand. This is where the potential is often underestimated by employers, considering how many artists decide on personal branding activities themselves. These creators often do not mention the name of the company they work for. They do not know whether they are allowed or should, especially if the content is for entertainment.

    They say that even if you haven’t created an account on a particular social media, it doesn’t mean you’re not on it. You just don’t know that someone is talking about you on it. So make sure you do know. Ask if someone on your team already has an existing TikTok account or creates content. Invite him/her to take actions that will positively influence the image of the company.

    Remember that the image of your employees affects the perception and feedback of your company. The recipients of your employees are your potential recipients.

    Employer branding of your company

    Videos shot by the whole team is not only an exciting form of integration, but also an interesting opportunity to show the spirit of the team. Many potential employees, both those who will join you in 1-2 years, as well as those you have to wait a while longer, can learn about you on TikTok.

     TikTok team at work, 80K views

    Industry videos, showing the spirit in the IT, business or creative departments, can reach from several thousand upwards. Particularly when they are produced in a humorous and imaginative way.

    Who knows, maybe somewhere in the world, there are already job offers in which instead of “fruit Fridays” there is a team profile on TikTok with a link. It’s much easier to show a “young, dynamic team” there and make the “positive working atmosphere” credible, don’t you think?

    B2C marketing – paid ads

    Unfortunately, this is something that you read about most often on various industry portals. I think it’s completely false. There is no denying that TikTok, just like YouTube, makes it possible to make sponsored films. However, the content is often so dull that you simply skip it fast.

    Sadly, at this point they are usually more annoying than attractive. And although I’m a fan of using organic TikTok reach, I cannot deny that there are many successful paid campaigns on TikTok.

    Such examples should best be drawn from the official TikTok website with inspirations for TikTok ads. Here we have the chance to search for campaigns by industries, products and markets. Among the European ones we can find Amazon Prime, Yves Rocher or Mercedes-Benz. Taking a more global look, we can encounter companies such as KIA, Colgate, Guess or Rexona.

    B2C marketing – corporate profile

    The Polish TikTok market is criticised by some marketers, pointing out the underdevelopment in the context of the quantity and quality of corporate profiles. The fact is that there are relatively few of us. In Poland, we are just learning how to do it well. I think we should learn from our foreign neighbours, but we should also experiment with new ideas more suited to our market.

    There are companies that can do it really well. They have already realized that TikTok is based on emotions, surprise effect and short stories with a point. Authenticity is also often mentioned. A well-thought-out formula and good quality of recordings are also extremely important.

    Trampoline Park Hangar 646 plays for WOŚP, 115K views

    Such a compilation can lead to a large TikTok success of the brand, turning its communication into more personal. If you are interested in real case studies on companies that have become successful through their activities on Instagram, I would recommend this article. TikTok recipients can trust and stick with the profiles they really liked. They also willingly move on to other brand channels later. The standard direction from TikTok is Instagram. This is because with TikTok you can share videos directly on Instagram and Insta Stories. Although no one is doing research on the subject yet, my observations show that Instagram profiles are also the most frequently mentioned communication channels in bio.

    What to do on TikTok: 4 types of activities, 5 hints!

    As I promised above, after specifying how you can perform on TikTok as a company, I am back with specifics. For each of these 4 types of activities, I leave 5 hints on your screens on how to start introducing these activities into practice, along with a bonus: 3 accounts that you should look up to!

    Personal Branding on TikTok – checklist:

    • Show a story where you lead the audience from beginning to end through your work.
    • Let the results of your work have a WOW effect!
    • Share the stories from your work that have triggered emotions in you.
    • Give the protips to people who are interested in the area you focus on.
    • Transfer viral trends to your industry (A good example is a viral video with the song “Come and get your love” in an empty supermarket or plane).

    How to look for viral trends? Through the discover section. In this section you will find the most popular hashtags – virals very often use similar hashtags like #hot16challenge2, #mistrzmnożenia or #domowapodróż. That’ s not all. In the creation tab on TikTok you can find a bookmark with sounds. This is where you will find various playlists, with music that other creators use for their videos. The most famous section is the TikTok Viral playlist. Select the songs on this playlist and then search by name in the Discover section. This way, you will be able to find the most popular videos, often virals.

    Look up to: @alex.stemp, photographer; @piotr_programista; @danielanweiler, attorney.

    rozpoznawalność marki na Tik Toku

    TikTok and Employer Branding – checklist: 

    • Have one person record a video (or parts of a video) with everyone in your team.
    • Show funny moments and situations in the office.
    • Share your industry knowledge.
    • Share group challenges from TikTok (don’t forget the leaders of the organization!)
    • Make an office tour, show working conditions with some surprising elements.

    TikTok ads — checklist: 

    • Focus on working with people well-known on TikTok.
    • Use augmented reality
    • I’ll say it again, but it’s really important: tell the story!  
    • Create your own hashtags and the type of movies your audience would use.
    • Choose the right types of ads. TikTok offers as many as 6 types of ads, with different length of display time and functions. Not all of them are videos. Take a good look around and create a scenario after having consciously chosen your ad type.

    Corporate profile on TikTok – checklist: 

    • Select a face for your company, you can even hire an extra face to run your company profile.
    • Show interesting stories related to the service you provide/product you sell, including customer feedback.
    • Invite customers and/or partners to record together.
    • Use your expertise on your target group: what annoys them, how they usually behave – show empathy.
    • Show how the service or production from the inside looks like, e.g. make a video in the factory, kitchen or warehouse.
    • Create Unique Value Proposition for your profile. Answer the question: why would the user who sees this video want to stick with us for longer?
    Ice rink at the National Stadium, 24.5K views

    Write down your ideas and keep trying!

    It’s hard to just describe a medium that is extremely visual and enables to present a tremendous variety of emotions. Just install it and spend 2-3 hours on it saving the type of content we would like to look up to. 

    And then try keeping an eye on the technical aspects:

    • good lighting,
    • using the right hashtags,
    • using popular music,
    • matching the movements on the video to the rhythm of the song, record your first video. It won’t get many views? You’ll create a new one drawing lessons from the previous one.

    TikTok has 2.5 million users in Poland so far. You don’t want to waste it! 

    About how the psychology of this social medium works, how its algorithms work and why Reddit’s CEO called TikTok one of the most powerful spying applications in history, read here. 

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