Keep your ear to the ground – where to get information about logistics

Podcasty na temat logistyki

These days, being uninformed is a conscious choice. However, an effective search for information on a given topic is not easy at all. We have therefore prepared a subjective overview of profiles and content worth keeping up to date with. In this post, we will take a closer look at the logistics industry which we have been involved in since day one of our activity. Where to get the information about logistics? Check if you already know the channels we recommend. 🙂

However, before we dig in, a few words about the strategy of searching for the right content. The sources presented below will help you keep up to date with the news and changes in logistics. We have included various types of channels so that the consumption of content is not too burdensome.

Logistics in podcasts

We open our list with podcasts gaining fans at a staggering pace. According to Voxnest, Poland is the 10th fastest growing podcast market in the world. This is also confirmed by Spotify.

The advantage of podcasts is that you can listen to them while driving, running or even during lunch. This convenience does not mean that the broadcast content is less valuable than the articles.

Podcasts on logistics

“SKK Mówi”

A podcast about modern solutions for industry, trade and logistics.

SKK is a company with nearly 30 years of experience in automation and optimization of processes related to warehouse logistics, production, marking and identification of goods and remote work.

The podcast is hosted by Konrad Uliński who invites various guests to discuss subjects related to automation, industrial networks, industry 4.0, IoT, or Audio ID devices.

“Produkcja w roli głównej” – EQ System

EQ System is an organization that has been operating on the Polish market for three decades. It specializes in: MOM – holistic production management, WFM – comprehensive human resources management and BPM – business processes management. 

In the podcast, Michał Żelichowski dissects the problems connected with production and management  focusing on both tools and the human aspect.

“Obok logistyki” –

A podcast on current trends and innovations in logistics hosted by Bartek Matyja. In each episode, an expert in a given field discusses interesting issues related to logistics.

Newsletters on logistics

In order to present the full spectrum of channels, we need to distinguish some valuable newsletters.

Bartek Pucek

One of the juiciest Polish business newsletters and one of few with paid subscription.

We leave it up to you to decide whether the form of presented content is valuable to you. In terms of merit, it is definitely worthwhile to have a look at this publication as it is a reliable source of knowledge on strategies, trends and analyses of technologies.


A newsletter by is a compilation of the most important economic information. What distinguishes this newsletter from others is the surprisingly high frequency of publication allowing you to keep tabs on the most important information.

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    Best portals on logistics

    Platforma Przemysłu Przyszłości

    A vast source of knowledge on new technologies (IoT, 3D printing, 5G, Cloud Computing, etc.). It is a portal where you can find information about interesting industry events, expert opinions and elaborate articles.

    Automatyka B2B

    A platform worth visiting when looking for technological and economic reports. It is a website with an extensive database of interviews with influential entrepreneurs operating on the Polish market. Moreover, it contains a catalog of companies from the logistics and technology industry.

    Control Engineering Polska

    This portal provides information on the most important contests in the sector, news related to automation, robotics, machinery, logistics 4.0 as well as market research.

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