Turn your pain into a vision

how to build a team


As managers & leaders, we are often overloaded with many issues that occur every day. There are many decisions to make, many perspectives to understand and consider, many business interests to cover, etc. 

Being a manager/leader is a constant work. When we’re done dealing with one big thing and just dreaming of drinking coffee with peace of mind and looking at the results – other issues to deal with spread around. That’s a never-ending story, especially for those of us who are ambitious enough to dream of independent, self-sufficient teams that do not need any support and management.

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    There is a lot of space for the frustration here, as all this often overwhelms us.

    Just take a look at the map of things to cover building a team, making changes to it, or joining a new team as a manager. Moving straight to the tasks, we often forget about the7t   strategic base of cooperation and communication with our teams.

    Źródło: Beata Mosór-Szyszka’s own study. © Copyright 2020.

    And it’s not all the things we know we should do, but don’t do them, that overwhelm us. What does overwhelm us is all these little tasks, little things to do on a daily basis – we know that anyone else could do it, but we don’t know how to get out of this circle that wastes our time, energy and motivation.

    Vision is a way to leave this evil circle!

    I believe that the only way is to transform bad energy into a positive force. And basing on what hurts us – to create a positive vision. This is the first big step towards a change.

    What can hurt us and how to transform it into a vision? Below you can find some examples of how to do this:

    how to build a team

    The shape of the vision is up to you. But thinking about what you want, where you’re heading and what exactly that means, is the first step. 

    The first step to the end of negative emotions and the first step to start acting effectively, which will bring us closer to the fulfilment of the vision. 

    Ok, but what next?

    As soon as you have a vision, take a look at the graph from this text and think about what might be the first step to start. Do one thing every week to make it happen, e.g. specify the time you’ll be delivering the vision with your team, set a repeatable, simple and measurable goal that you can achieve each week to get closer to the vision, specify when you’ll be satisfied with the quality of this change. Obviously, you need more than one component of the model to make the change sustainable. But you need to start with just one of them. Start with why.

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    Beata Mosór-Szyszka
    Beata is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder & managing partner at Project: People and Project: Values, and CEO of Hermes & Partner cooperatives. She is also an investor at ProEco Leaders foundation, co-author of The LiGHT Book (together with et al. Phillip Zimbardo, Robert Cialdini), and the author of diverse business tools (e.g. Values Poker, Lean Marketing Sprint).

    Beata is a strategist, marketer and lean consultant with over 14 years of experience in the international market. She has cooperated with companies such as Sabre, T-Mobile and Google. She shares her knowledge and experience as a mentor in acceleration programs (like EIT Digital, Google LaunchPad), and as a lecturer at Tischner European University & WSB University in Gdańsk.

    Project: People is a lean strategy agency that Beata established together with Joanna Ostafin in 2016. The company gained more than 160 clients from 16 countries in just 4 years (2016-2020), has 18 people on board, and achieves impressive growth of 200% Y2Y.

    Beata built the females-first organizations, where ~60-75% of team members are women. She is also open to investing in the female businesses with a vision.

    As a speaker, Beata performs at Polish and international conferences (e.g. Lean Startup Days Paris, VC night by Viva Technology, Open Living Lab, Product Marketing Summit London).

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