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An example of a Social Media strategy for a beauty business

Social media management is not easy, especially when it comes to companies that produce dozens of products and reach thousands of people. A precisely developed social media strategy definitely facilitates such activities, and provides tools and tactics to effectively reach the target group as well. We have developed a great example of a social media strategy for a beauty business – the Mokosh Cosmetics brand.

Thanks to the following case study you will find out:

  • How to match marketing channels to the target group;
  • How to validate a proto-persona;
  • How to do a social media audit;
  • What is UVP and how to use it in social media;
  • What the social media strategy should contain.
Mokosh Cosmetics
Development of a social media strategy
Cooperation period
August 2019
Number of sprints:
Number of people in the project:

Project context

Mokosh Cosmetics is a company from the beauty segment – a producer of natural cosmetics. The owners of the company came to us with a request to audit their social media. We decided to extend the process to additional activities leading to the development of social media strategies.

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    Problems and challenges faced by the client:

    • Desire to increase turnover in the Mokosh online store;
    • The need to develop a long-term action strategy in social media;
    • The need to harmonize the company’s development vision.

    The process of creating social media strategies

    3 weeks is quite a short time to develop a strategy but thanks to our proprietary and dedicated process we were able to generate maximum value for the client during this time. Kudos to Sebastian, the Mokosh Brand Manager, who was very helpful and responsive and introduced the proposed changes on a regular basis, while maintaining the consistency of brand messaging. Shapeau bas, Sebastian!

    The established process of developing a social media strategy was as follows:

    Sprint 1: Kick-off workshop, interviews with the team and UX Research with the client’s target group

    The best way to start cooperation and gain knowledge about the client, his goals and plans is to complete a kick-off workshop. In our case, the workshop takes the form of a 4-hour meeting, most often face to face, during which we not only talk about the client’s needs, but also work through some issues.

    During the workshop with Mokosh we learned a lot about the history of the company, the motivation of Ania & Ania – the company’s founders – to create a new cosmetics brand on the Polish market, as well as about the business model of the company.

    The most emotional (and – from our perspective – the most important) issue during the workshop was to raise the topic and develop a Mokosh shopping proto-persona.

    We had to consolidate the proto-persona of the brand and validate it accordingly. A great tool to visualize the degree of innovation of the recipient is placing it on the so-called Rogers Diffusion of innovations.

    On the example of Mokosh: after the workshop we had 3 different proto-personas that could be qualified to: innovators, early followers and early majority.

    szybka strategia social media

    Houston we have a problem! Fortunately, clients come to the rescue 🙂

    UX Research played an invaluable role in the entire strategy development process. We have systematized the persona issue thanks to the knowledge acquired from Mokosh clients. Moreover, we learned more about:

    • Company’s UVP (Unique Value Proposition);
    • Marketing channels that we should take advantage of;
    • New products that Mokosh could introduce to its offer.

    I am very satisfied with Mokosh products. As soon as the offer includes products for mature skin, I will definitely try them. I recommend Mokosh cosmetics to my friends and buy them for gifts – they are POLISH and really good!

    Opinion of one of Mokosh's clients, obtained thanks to UX Research

    What was unique about the UX Research process involving Mokosh clients?

    Double validation. We performed a double examination: in-depth interviews and an online survey. Thanks to this, we were able to validate our hypotheses both qualitatively and quantitatively.

    The answers obtained were at a premium. We used them to develop the (already) validated Mokosh shopping persona.

    Sprint 2: Analysis of available materials and social media audit

    We spent the next week auditing social media and available data and materials.

    We analyzed:

    • Facebook fanpage;
    • Instagram profile;
    • Newsletters;

    During the audit, we paid particular attention to such elements as:

    • Creative matching to a specific channel;
    • Format of published content;
    • Time of publication;
    • Call to action;
    • Structure of posts;
    • Including UVP (Unique Value Proposition) and KSP (Key Selling Points);
    • Communication frequency.

    In addition to the analysis, we have also prepared a number of recommendations related to each of the channels.

    We have also developed sample posts, thanks to which the client was able to better visualize issues related to post creation, the use of the new UVP or target group targeting.

    We also designed a dedicated checklist for writing Facebook posts. Such a list is very useful for fast and efficient writing, without fear that we will forget about some important element.

    Sprint 3: Developing a social media strategy for Mokosh to boost their beauty business

    The strategy is a summary and gathering into one, coherent whole of information and materials that we managed to obtain during the previous weeks of cooperation.

    We also draw collective conclusions and, based on them, develop recommendations.

    One example of such a recommendation for Mokosh was to create a dedicated place for Mokosh community, customers and fans. A place where they could exchange experiences about cosmetics and ask questions about the products of the brand itself. The perfect tool for this type of purpose is the Facebook group.

    All fans of natural cosmetics are welcome to join the well managed group 🙂 – Mokosh Lovers!

    The Facebook group is also of course one of the marketing channels whose definition is part of the social media strategy. We defined 6 communication channels, within 3 different platforms.


    And how to earn over PLN 19,000 net using a Facebook group?


    We divided all strategic recommendations into three categories:

    • High level (e.g. change of messaging on Instagram);
    • Medium-level (e.g. a new scheme for creating posts on Facebook fanpage);
    • Low-level (e.g. improving the visibility of Call to Action in newsletters).

    Speaking of social media strategy and tactics that we have proposed to Mokosh, I would like to pay special attention to the so-called User Generated Content, i.e. the use of content created by customers of the brand. In the case of Mokosh it was crucial since clients and influencers willingly write and share information about this brand and it would be a pity not to use it 🙂

    You can find more User Generated Content by Mokosh on their Instagram 🙂

    When doing an audit or social media strategy, we often focus only on things that need improvement. I, personally, reconsider it as a mistake. As with a well-done feedback meeting, we should also highlight the elements that work well and should be continued. And that’s what we’ve done 🙂

    An important part of the strategy is the tactical plan, i.e. a set of specific actions that are the result of the strategy and whose implementation will contribute to the company’s development.

    On the example of Mokosh, the tactical plan included a table containing the schedule and proposed topics of posts on social media for the upcoming months, as well as appropriate indicators to measure effectiveness and numerical goals.

    Screen: Kategoria – Category | Opis – Description | Tematyka – Subject | Utylizacja – Utilization
    Plan i tematy postów – Schedule & Content of posts | Statystyki postów – FB – miesięczne – Post statistics – FB – Per month | OKR – OKRs | Plan pracy – zespół – Work plan – team | Labelki – Labels

    Beata recently wrote about all the elements that should be included in the strategy.

    Additional activities

    I really like creating valuable materials for clients that they can use not only in marketing, but generally in all business activities.

    Thanks to the workshops and UX Research, we have developed materials for Mokosh such as:

    Finally, our activities were as follows:

    Summary of activities


    analyzed marketing channels


    business and marketing recommendations


    clients of Mokosh surveyed

    The result of our work

    The Mokosh team right after presenting the social media strategy began…to introduce it 🙂 Here – once again – kudos to Sebastian, Brand Manager of Mokosh, who approached our cooperation with great professionalism. Thanks Sebastian!

    The Mokosh Lovers group already has over 4,800 members (October 2020) who are very active. There are questions from the brand’s clients every day, moreover, Mokosh is preparing special content and discounts for mLovers. Posts are really popular!

    szybka strategia social media

    Screen: I need to introduce you to someone 🙂

    That’s Klaudia Rydel who takes care of all orders from the MOKOSH online store. Thanks to her your packages arrive on time, smell beautiful and contain surprises. If there are many packages, then Klaudia coordinates the work of the team. She trains packaging in accordance with ecology and taking care of every detail.

    The company’s fanpage also came to life. Reactions and commitment to published posts have increased.

    Screen: Przedstawienie strategii social media 🙂 – Presentation of social media strategies 🙂

    According to our recommendations, the idea of running an Instagram account has also changed. Posts are now transparent, adapted to this social medium and compatible with Mokosh brand UVP 💪

    szybka strategia social media

    Recommendation for Mokosh beauty business strategy

    The best about the effects of our actions can be commented by client himself 🙂

    “Project: People developed a marketing strategy and action plan in social media for us.

    Strategy development was preceded by thorough analysis and customer opinion research. As a result of these activities, Project: People have developed for us a coherent, embedded in the reality of the market, and most importantly – effective marketing and PR strategy.

    Right after the first weeks from the implementation of the action plan, we see clear effects in the form of greater interest in our brand from customers, more website traffic and more requests for quotations. Moreover, thanks to a clear definition of all key marketing elements, such as customer profile or Unique Value Proposition, we can compose an offer even more effectively and communicate with the recipients of our products.

    I strongly recommend Project: People to cooperate in creating an effective marketing strategy.”

    Anna Rutkowska-Didiuk, Co-Founder, Mokosh Cosmetics

    Tools used in creating social media strategies

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    Project team, i.e. who was responsible for what

    Author of the Case Study

    Grzegorz Górzyński Senior Strategist w Project: People
    Creates and helps clients develop marketing and business strategies.

    He gained experience in NGOs, corporations, startups, SMEs and agencies which gives him a holistic view of the business.. He also worked with Facebook Inc. on the Global Developer Circles project.

    He has led or participated in dozens of strategic projects.

    He provides training in marketing, social media and business idea validation. He was a speaker at Social Media Week Warsaw, BOSS Festival, PR Camp, or Crash Mondays.

    Enthusiast of Lean Startup approach, traveling and good food.