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How to earn over 19,000 PLN net in 2.5 months through a Facebook group

marketing w grupie na Facebook

I don’t earn a living by running a Facebook group.” is one of the first sentences I said when I started the seminar that I conducted during Social Media Week Warsaw 2019. Or maybe … however (partly) I do?

At Project: People, we don’t strictly run groups, our main activity is also not managing Facebook fanpages.

Instead, we create marketing and business strategies for our clients. Facebook groups can be elements of such strategies. If we only…check if it makes sense 🙂 Just like in the case of the Lean Strategy / Lean UX / Lean Marketing / Lean Startup / Lean Management group we founded, aka Lean – Better Done Than Perfect! – exchange of knowledge.

In the following case study you will learn:

  • How to cheaply and quickly verify business hypotheses;
  • If it’s worth using Facebook groups as a tool;
  • How to earn on a Facebook group.
Internal project of Project: People
Purpose of establishing the group (long-term)
creating a knowledge base on pouring and gathering people interested in lean marketing in the context of marketing and business strategies, UX, management
Purpose of establishing a group (short-term)
examining whether there is a need for education and exchange of experience in the business branch of lean marketing. Later: verification whether the group we have gathered will be willing to pay for the Lean Startup training we have decided to organize
Project duration
January-March 2019
Number of people in the project

Project context

Why a Facebook group?

Because it is a simple and cheap tool to verify various hypotheses and because we have experience in running such groups, so the entry threshold was low for us.

Project duration: The group was founded on January 15, 2019. The last activity on the subject of this case study took place on April 1, 2019. Let’s assume that the group was active for 2.5 months.

Time spent on group activities: averaging – about 30 minutes a day, on business days, along with adding new members, creating content, group moderation, weekly standups. Average for the whole team.

A bunch of statictics







69% of the group’s members were active (viewing or engaging in posts).
[according to Facebook statistics]

Lean Startup workshop

On February 18, we published the event From an idea to … – workshops with Lean Startup on Facebook. We hoped that in our group we gathered people for whom this type of workshop would be valuable. Finally, 153 people were “interested and participating” in the event, and it reached almost 5,000 people. Exactly … 0 people signed up for the workshop directly from the group.

Yes, you see it right: 0 people 🙂 So how did we earn PLN 19,000 on the group?

“Failed” experiment

First of all: the experiment was successful. We wanted to check if we are able to gather in a group people who will buy product X in a given time, in this case a product in the form of a workshop. And it turned out – we weren’t 🙂 We are smarter about this information, we have the result of the experiment. Negative, but remember what the lean marketing base is: the information we get is value.

Have we given up the workshop? Absolutely not! In fact, we even reached the right number of people at the workshop and exceeded the minimum pre-sale amount of the workshop we had previously agreed. How?

2 out of 3 teams taking part in the workshop „came” from another workshop that Asia was conducting. They were satisfied with our services and came back for more (like 60% of our clients :)).

The third team joined because of their knowledge of what Project: People does. Kuba (greetings!) was (is!) our kind of ambassador and encouraged his team to take part in the training. Kuba is of course one of the first members of the lean group 😉

group marketing on Facebook

Zero direct customers from the group itself, but it helped to convince the participants to take part in the workshop and a snowball roll started. Revenue from the training: 2 000 PLN net.

A thaw in relations

Where did the remaining, much larger amount (~ PLN 17,000) come from?

  1. One of the decision-makers in an international corporation saw at Linkedin that we were organizing such a workshop. This person was not interested in taking part in open training, but wanted us to conduct this type of workshop in a closed form for one of their teams. Thanks to one training, we sold another – closed one, at another time.
  2. The date we proposed (which was chosen on the basis of a group survey) did not suit one of the group’s members. After a few weeks, however, she spoke to us asking if we could organize this type of training for the company in which she works. Also in closed form. Second workshop sold, indirectly through the event and group activity.

Total revenue from all 3 workshops (one of them lasted for two days): over PLN 19,000 net.

You could say: “Yeah, but you just sold your product/service, you didn’t need the group for that.”

The group wasn’t necessary, but it was needed 🙂 If not for the group activity, we would probably not have created – in the language of the industry – sales opportunities. We would not gather valuable knowledge about this community, we would not propose the subject of the workshop, we would not have realized it at that time. It was the motivation for the next steps we took.


Groups are just another communication channel for the brand. Well used can help sales, increase company recognition, and build a community. It’s only up to us how we use them. But one thing is certain – it’s worth trying, because the effect may exceed your expectations, as in our case 🙂 Just remember! Your action must be tailored to your marketing and business strategy.

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Author of the Case Study

Grzegorz Górzyński Senior Strategist w Project: People
Creates and helps clients develop marketing and business strategies.

He gained experience in NGOs, corporations, startups, SMEs and agencies which gives him a holistic view of the business.. He also worked with Facebook Inc. on the Global Developer Circles project.

He has led or participated in dozens of strategic projects.

He provides training in marketing, social media and business idea validation. He was a speaker at Social Media Week Warsaw, BOSS Festival, PR Camp, or Crash Mondays.

Enthusiast of Lean Startup approach, traveling and good food.