Complex subscription-based marketing service

Developing a strategy is not enough. However, the most important is the implementation of the strategy.

Yet, building a professional and harmonious marketing team takes some time. That's why the outsourcing of marketing services based on a subscription may be a good solution.

Throughout the cooperation we ensure such a communication flow as if we were working in one team. This way, both parties know at what stage of work we are at and the resulting materials are substantial and tailored to the recipients.

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When can a complex subscription marketing service be valuable to you?

When you are just starting your marketing activities when you have a challenging strategy, but finding a whole marketing team may take too long when you need to test new solutions, but you don't know if your internal team will be constantly needed when you need not only to carry out marketing tasks, but also to act on the basis of a well-thought-out strategy when you're looking for a team of experts, not a single specialist

By developing graphic materials How can we help you?
by creating and distributing content to websites or blogs based on keywords (content marketing)
by preparing materials for social media channels and managing them
by implementing outreach and sales campaigns
by preparing newsletters the content and design
by promoting and organizing webinars, podcasts, vlogs from determining the subjects, through promotional activities to the implementation
by introducing changes to the website new subpages and functionalities

And finally...

by summarizing all the activities mentioned

The process

Analysis of the demand for marketing competence

When starting the cooperation, we define the goals that the company wants to achieve and we base our work on the assumptions provided, whether in the form of a strategy or a direction presented by the client. Based on this, we select suitable channels and people for marketing services.

Task execution

At this stage, we present our action plans and possible implementation deadlines. We maintain constant contact with the client during the execution of individual projects. We aim to be a part of it. Thus we can establish effective and convincing communication, new solutions and enjoy the effects together.


After the tasks are completed, we update not only the status of their execution. Depending on clients' preferences, we also arrange a weekly or monthly summary. Additionally, we collect them and send them quarterly. Then, we analyze the results together and update plans if necessary. We assume that plans can be updated and this is a natural change in dynamic markets.

We went a very nice way, thanks to which we saved a lot of money and time on things that were not effective for our business. Grzegorz and Beata were deeply committed to squeezing the maximum potential out of our business.

Kamil Stepaniak,  Co-Founder,  Schoolio

Pushing us out from our comfort zone by Project People team led to increasing our leads number by 900% and helped us double the size of our company in less than a half a year.

Wiktor Żołnowski,  CEO,  Pragmatic Coders Pragmatic Coders

Right after the first weeks from the implementation of the action plan, we see clear effects in the form of greater interest in our brand from customers, more website traffic and more requests for quotations.

Anna Rutkowska-Didiuk,  Co-Founder,  Mokosh

We fell in love with them for the American style / approach to partners, which is reflected in great communication, openness and information flow.

Jakub Pająk,  CEO,  Harveo

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