An effective website

Need a well-designed and efficient website? Want to increase your reach and start selling?

At Project: People, we know that the design process should follow a well-developed plan. Therefore, we always begin with thorough analysis and research, keeping in mind that it's not just about great design and content but also about understanding users' needs.

Our actions are guided by research and experience. We have a track record of successful website projects, and we are happy to share knowledge with others. We will carry out a complex process resulting in a high-quality product developed under global standards. We execute each stage of product development - from research, strategy, and design, to advanced development and subsequent website maintenance. Using our services, you don’t need to worry about anything, because you entrust the work to experts passionate about what they do.

Would you like to know how we can make your website attract customers and start selling?

What can you entrust us with?

Building a brand new website Enhancement and expansion of the existing website Creating well-thought-out and functional design A complete implementation of the website design Implementation of your website design by our specialists Maintenance of your website after it has been delivered

We will create your website A to Z

We will conduct a comprehensive audit of the existing website based on in-depth research
We will identify your target group analyze its needs and propose solutions
We will adjust the website structure to your customers' needs and expectations
We will develop an aesthetic and functional design in line with the latest trends and the nature of your industry
We will conduct thorough user testing gauge the reactions and identify what needs improving
We will create a website using the latest technologies that ensure efficient operation
We will write a code that ensures a quick page load and correct display of all elements
We will implement the design and take care of its optimization and appropriate configuration - you will receive a ready-to-use website with a set of access data
We will maintain the website and take care of updates, fixes, and security patches

We eat cookies!

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