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A website is an important element of a marketing funnel. And what if it is not working right and all the effort put into earlier stages of sales goes to waste?
How to make it easier for a new user to use the website and encourage them to interact with the company?

To find answers to these questions, we recommend starting with an analysis of the current situation and setting goals and metrics that are relevant. Based on them, you should conduct an expert audit together with complementary research.

This will allow for preparing recommendations for a new version of the website, as well as for the information architecture. It will also help improve conversion.

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When to go for a UX audit of your website?

When a website fails to achieve its goal when the architecture of the website has grown in time and it's hard to control it when the users of the website don't know what to do at a given moment when the website is not understandable to the target group when you want to increase the number of conversions on your website

How can we help you?

By auditing user paths for potential problems affecting low conversion
By analyzing the nomenclature and micro-copy to verify the adequacy and level of understanding of sections, menus or names of the pages
By examining the information architecture by verifying the depth and width of the page structure
By preparing recommendations for UX changes and UI benchmarks to modernize the website.


Meeting or Call
Getting to know you, your project, team, your goals and priorities, and the challenges you meet are crucial for a great cooperation. We consider all of this. We hate briefs - do you?
Kick-off workshop and preliminary analysis
We start a website UX audit with a workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to define the goal and priority of the website, and understand the client's business model as well as the market. At this stage, we can also develop initial recommendations for the website based on best practices.
Research with users
Another important stage is website usability testing. To conduct the tests, we recruit people from the target group. This is not an easy task, but it is feasible. It allows us to run the tests with potential customers. This way, we collect suggestions concerning the website reception. Thus, we can prepare further recommendations for both usability and intelligibility of the website.
Further analysis and benchmarking
The next step is the analysis of the communication strategy on the website. At the same time, we carry out a comparative analysis of website designs in a given industry and look for suitable examples. We also examine the quality of the code which determines whether the website is easy to develop. Finally, we analyze the accessibility making sure that the website is friendly for all users.
UX audit report
Based on our research, we can recommend the best information architecture or the possibilities of optimizing the accessibility of the website. All information and conclusions gathered during the audit are presented in a report. We discuss them together with our client at a dedicated meeting. If we decide to redesign the existing website, we make decisions about UX and UI changes at this stage.

Project People undertook the task, and after a series of research sessions with users, they designed a completely new page, store and suggested changes to the application to make it easier to understand and use. The conversion increased the level of satisfaction of the women using it while maintaining the aesthetics and colours of the PelviFly project, which are important to us.

Urszula i Gabriel Herman,  CEO,  PelviFly

As a company, they offer a very fresh approach to project management, focusing on understanding the client’s needs and goals. The cooperation with Tomek Osowski has been very enjoyable – his support, professional approach and the knowledge he has about design and latest trends deserve recognition. We are satisfied with the cooperation.

Magdalena Wermińska,  Head of Marketing,  HCM Deck

It is always a challenge for someone to enter the organization and understand how it works in a short time. In our case, the situation was complex, because it was necessary to reconcile the interests of many target groups, and the team of Project: People succeeded without any errors.

Bartosz Furtak,  Marketing Strategist,  Talentplace.pl

We went a very nice way, thanks to which we saved a lot of money and time on things that were not effective for our business. Grzegorz and Beata were deeply committed to squeezing the maximum potential out of our business.

Kamil Stepaniak,  Co-Founder,  Schoolio

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