Build a website: design, development

The real brand's trademark is a user-friendly website.

To ensure that the website is functional, you should look after the needs of the recipients and provide them with solutions based not only on the right content, but also on the right design.

For this reason, each graphic design of the website depends on analysis and research, so that we know how to organize information in order to make it as simple as possible for users to use the website. Beauty & usability are our top priorities.

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When should you go for a new website?

When you don't have one yet when the existing website is no longer working when there's a communication chaos on your website when a user gets lost on your site when the design is no longer attractive when you want to improve the sales effectiveness of your website when you dream of making your website a true flagship of your brand

How can we help you?

By conducting a thorough audit of the current website and its performance
By identifying your target group and their needs
By adjusting the website structure towards both your needs and those of your clients
By developing a design based on the latest trends and your expectations
By testing the website together with users
By preparing the site to be easily implemented by the developers

and finally...

By delivering the design of the website that will be beautiful and functional

The process


In order to build the proper website design, we need to know your expectations, goals and vision, as well as all the necessary information for the launch of the project. Based on this, we prepare a protopersona, that is, a "picture" of your website's audience in order to best tailor the project to their needs. A practical and friendly website based on the latest trends in design is the result of your expectations and those of your customers.

UX Research

Before we move on to the design stage, we want to get to know your customers, who are the group of the website's recipients, as much as we can. For this reason, we conduct interviews, research and workshops with them. Our goal is to specify their needs and, in the next stage, to adapt the solutions on the website to them. And the finish line is a design of the mock-ups, which we always validate against your vision.

UI Design

Once we have gathered your expectations and needs, we proceed to work on the design. We always develop a responsive RWD version, which can be used to match the website to the devices you are using at the time (e.g. on your smartphone). We create a finished project so as to make the implementation as easy as possible for the developers.

Project People undertook the task, and after a series of research sessions with users, they designed a completely new page, store and suggested changes to the application to make it easier to understand and use. The conversion increased the level of satisfaction of the women using it while maintaining the aesthetics and colours of the PelviFly project, which are important to us.

Urszula i Gabriel Herman,  CEO,  PelviFly

It is always a challenge for someone to enter the organization and understand how it works in a short time. In our case, the situation was complex, because it was necessary to reconcile the interests of many target groups, and the team of Project: People succeeded without any errors.

Bartosz Furtak,  Marketing Strategist,

We evaluate the site very positively. It achieved its goal of showing us as a modern company and increased the conversion of inquiries to sales (it was strongly felt). Cooperation with you was efficient and we felt that you understood us and pushed the topic forward. We recommend you to friends.

Jacek Blaut,  Head of Growth,  Delante

Before I got to Mrs. Joanna Ostafin, I used the services of other companies for website creation, but i was never fully satisfied.. In the case of Project: People, my level of satisfaction exceeded my expectations. The quality of design for websites, logos, and the advertising gadgets project - was impressive.

Łukasz Pietryszyn,  CEO,  Grupa Optima

As a company, they offer a very fresh approach to project management, focusing on understanding the client’s needs and goals. The cooperation with Tomek Osowski has been very enjoyable – his support, professional approach and the knowledge he has about design and latest trends deserve recognition. We are satisfied with the cooperation.

Magdalena Wermińska,  Head of Marketing,  HCM Deck

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