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We learn about the needs and problems of our customers in order to create a solution concept and strategy. Then we support you in product development.

We work with startups and corporations.

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Lean Strategy

The strategy will allow you to implement your business goals quickly and effectively, while reducing unnecessary costs.

As part of the strategy, we focus on key activities that bring the most benefits and directly translate into profits. Based on research, analysis and workshops, we develop a unique value that you will offer to your clients. This will increase the efficiency of your team. Its members will know where they are going and what should be done.

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Lean Marketing

Lean Marketing will allow you to increase sales thanks to effective communication with clients.

Thanks to cooperating with us, you will obtain a unique strategy, both in the digital and offline world. We will examine the needs of your recipients and on this basis we will implement comprehensive marketing activities. The result? Increased sales and savings of your time and money. What else? Viral advertising campaigns that will not be forgotten!

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Lean UX

Lean UX will allow you to build products and services that customers need.

Thanks to cooperation with us in the field of Lean UX you will shorten the time and reduce the cost of building your product. Furthermore, you will improve the user experience and build a positive relationship with them, thanks to which the user will come back and recommend your brand to others.

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Lean Workshops

We train and offer workshops with Lean Marketing, Lean UX & Lean Strategy.

We conduct training courses that will help raise your team’s competences in the area of Lean Marketing, Lean UX & Lean Strategy as well as workshops using these methods to develop your business.

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Lean Culture

Lean method will make it possible to manage your company effectively, introduce changes without any problems, while coordinating the work of teams and internal processes

Thanks to our tools, you will improve the financial result of your company. We will help you put your tasks in order, improve communication with your team members and customers, and develop a culture of effective feedback within the organisation. You will finally be able to focus on business goals and not on internal problems.

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What do we do?

Free consultation

We work directly on the problems and needs of our customers, based on a relationship of trust. We help our customers to build innovative and breakthrough products that positively impact the world around us.

We design solutions based on a holistic approach, strategic thinking, reliable UX research, quick experiments, tests, business analyses and market research.

We help companies find the right business model, define target groups, find the right problem-solution and product-market fit and build a strong brand.

How we work

Meeting or Call
Getting to know you, your project, team, your goals and priorities, and the challenges you meet are crucial for a great cooperation. We consider all of this. We hate briefs - do you?
Kick-off workshop
We can always produce a lot of paperwork but... do we need to? We believe that a 4-hour workshop tells us more about your project, goals, team than tons of briefs.
Research & Analyses
We can start to work when… we learn what we don’t know. During our first workshop, we sum up goals, problems, hypotheses and other things to get to know and test.
Strategy & Planning
We have the vision for the product, we verified basic assumptions - we know what we should start with. Now we need to make a plan about how to start our work and who is needed.
During one week sprints, we reach goal after goal and solve problem after problem. This while constantly communicating with all stakeholders. The goal is to deliver value to market ASAP.

If you found a business opportunity for your company and want to know if it makes sense, think of the ideal person to help you... You found her. Joasia is an expert in applying Lean UX approach, in finding and validating value for both customer and business.

Ludmiła Rychter,  Senior Innovation Lead,  ING

All tasks related to both strategic issues and tactical execution were performed in a timely and reliable manner. Additionally, the company reacted quickly and flexibly to changes in projects and took pride in their results.

Jakub Probola,  Products Innovation Director,  T-Mobile

For training, the team developed and conducted workshops in both the Lean Startup and UX areas as well as Customer Development, which was offered to the group of 16 designers and representatives of T-Mobile Polska.

Agnieszka Hopciaś,  Community Manager,  hub:raum

Right after the first weeks from the implementation of the action plan, we see clear effects in the form of greater interest in our brand from customers, more website traffic and more requests for quotations.

Anna Rutkowska-Didiuk,  Co-Founder,  Mokosh

We have invited Project: People to work with us on organizational changes within our design studio. (...) Both the project approach and the domain knowledge of Project: People team members regarding lean methodology and organizational culture turned out to be extremely valuable for us. We have achieved the project's goals by working mostly with the entire team in workshops. I strongly recommend Project: People team.

Katarzyna Śliwa,  CEO,  Ergo Design

I recommend Project: People with the highest regard as a professional agency with creative experts who conducted a team analysis in an interesting way, accurately diagnosed the needs of team members, and proposed actions to be taken by the company to create a good marketing strategy and pave the way for its effective implementation.

Jakub Głąb,  Marketing & Sales Director,  VSoft

Project People undertook the task, and after a series of research sessions with users, they designed a completely new page, store and suggested changes to the application to make it easier to understand and use. The conversion increased the level of satisfaction of the women using it while maintaining the aesthetics and colours of the PelviFly project, which are important to us.

Urszula i Gabriel Herman,  CEO,  PelviFly

We evaluate the site very positively. It achieved its goal of showing us as a modern company and increased the conversion of inquiries to sales (it was strongly felt). Cooperation with you was efficient and we felt that you understood us and pushed the topic forward. We recommend you to friends.

Jacek Blaut,  Head of Growth,  Delante

Project: People offers a very wide range of services and extensive experience which has helped startups in our pre-acceleration program on many levels - from validating a business idea through UX to building a marketing strategy. Joanna, Beata and Grzegorz proved to be very committed both in preparing group workshops and conducting individual consultations. I highly recommend cooperating with Project: People!

Sonia Bazan,  EIT Digital Venture Program Coordinator in Poland & Business Development Specialist,  Krakow Technology Park

Few facts
about us

Professional UX Designer


companies we worked with.
We have been on the market for only 4 years!

We operate globally

When designing solutions, we think and act globally. We help companies achieve economies of scale and enter foreign markets. Our clients include companies from the USA, Venezuela, Singapore and Zimbabwe.

We build relationships

We work with companies that trust us and where we have a real influence on the product. We build relationships and communicate on the basis of mutual respect and openness. As a result, as many as 56% of our clients return with new projects.

We think holistically

Working with our clients we learn about the needs and design solutions based on a holistic analysis of the company going beyond the standard framework. Thanks to this, our solutions are very effective and bring immediate results.

We have lean in our hearts

Lean is our way of thinking about solving problems. We always think about how we can test our business hypotheses as quickly and simply as possible.


countries our customers come from.


of our customers come back with new projects.

We eat cookies!

You don't believe it? Check out our cookie recipe and visit our office. We serve them with delicious coffee!